A behind the scenes documentary for Natalie Ross's up and coming single 'You've Got That Feeling'. Natalie plays a mix of swing/jive with a bit of folk thrown in for good measure. This mix along with her loop box can be lethal.

On Saturday 12th Feb 2011 there was a peaceful protest at Alice Holt Forest. Alice Holt will be affected by a sell-off. The protest was show that people wish to retain these woodlands in the public domain.







Utrecht, city in Holland with an amazing live music scene. Open stages, jam sessions and more. This is a film about Joanna Weston, visiting the City to play some gigs and make some friends with the smallest price tag possible.

The concept of this event was an art festival. Outside there were 6 areas for graffiti writers, while inside were some of Kane FM's DJ's dropping old skool hip hop, electro, dub step and drum&bass.